Stress, The Greatest Medical Problem Of This Century.

And The Most Misunderstood!

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STRESS - What We Think It Is and What We Don't Realize It Is.

STRESS is freeway traffic at a standstill, getting up early to go to a job we hate that pays us a measly salary that never covers the bills. STRESS is possibly a marriage gone sour or worrying about the children or worrying about a million other things going on in your life. These are stressful situations that may cause anger, depression, anxiety, frustration and we know these feelings are not good for our blood pressure or hearts or the way we respond to other individuals. It is during these moments that harmful chemicals are being released throughout our bodies.

But, do you realize our bodies release these same harmful chemicals in our bodies when these things happen: Loud music, loud noises, television sounds and pictures, video game noises, noises that are a constant from living in a big city, overcrowding. Daily, almost hourly, emotions like frustration, irritation, resentment, hurt, anxiety, threats, even arguing with someone. Do you realize, WITHOUT US KNOWING IT OR EVEN FEELING ANYTHING, our bodies are CHEMICALLY reacting in every single one of these instances and in many many more.

When Neu-beCALM'd Enters Your Body, Blood Stream And Brain Fluid?

The capsule travels straight to the stomach. It dissolves within 45 seconds. One of the jobs of the stomach is to break everything down into needs or waste. One of the needs are chemicals called AMINO ACIDS. These are raw materials used by the manufacturing cells to maintain the body's health. Since the d-PHENYLALANINE, l-PHENYLALANINE and the 1-GLUTAMINE in the Neu-beCALM'd are already Amino Acids, they enter directly into the blood stream with 5 minutes.

The blood stream is like a small conveyor belt which passes throughout the body. As the conveyor belt passes by, each organ reaches out and grabs the necessary nutrients it needs
to maintain its health.

Within 30 minutes, the ingredients of Neu-beCALM'd, pass by the brain on this conveyor belt. Since there are many things in the blood stream that could actually injure the brain, there is a membrane or barrier, kind of like a gatekeeper, that is there and will only let certain things into the brain fluid.

Behind the gatekeeper, there are vesicles (small bubbles) which move through the barrier and sit and wait by the conveyor belt. As soon as the Amino Acids pass by, these vesicles actually move into the blood stream and open up and surround these select ingredients that nourish the brain.

They then pass back through this membrane, or gatekeeper, and open up and release these Amino Acids into the brain fluid, which immediately takes them to the manufacturing cells. These cells then convert them into the chemicals, or neurotransmitters, the brain must have to help our bodies function in the way they were created to function.

Also please remember, just because there is no immediate gratification, doesn't mean it is not working. When we take vitamin and mineral supplements, we don't feel anything but they go to work in our bodies. Same thing with Neu-beCALM'd, except for one thing. It goes to work preventing damage, not repairing damage.

What Feeling Will You Experience After Taking A Neu-beCALM'd Capsule?

IMMEDIATELY, you will feel absolutely.....NOTHING! That's right. It is 100% all natural. Others may see a change in you before you feel anything. There are no ingredients in the capsule that trick the brain so you will not feel a buzz or a high. You will not feel an immediate sense of calmness because there is no type of anti-depressants added. But, you will soon start sleeping better, you will be much slower to anger, you will feel more relaxed, at peace and have a sense of well being.

YOU MUST BE AWARE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT IS TAKING PLACE, INSIDE YOUR BODY. Even though you may feel nothing in the very beginning, within 30 minutes of putting the Neu-beCALM'd capsule in your body, its ingredients have already entered into your brain fluid and for the rest of the day, they help keep the brain from releasing the chemicals that harm us when we react to stressful situations plus feelings of peace and well being replace feelings of anger, hopelessness and depression.

Why is Neu-beCALM'd Different than other Stress Related Products

Every stress related product that you can find on any shelf of any drug store or supermarket, is basically the exact same thing, just different names. They all contain almost identical ingredients and almost every ingredient is a vitamin. And that is for a reason. After stress damage has already occurred in the body, the organs need the ingredients contained in the vitamins to help repair the damage.

The key words are, "to help repair the damage". The damage has already occurred. The adrenaline has ALREADY been released. The blood pressure has ALREADY been elevated.

The oxygen and energy molecules have already been shunted away from the organs to the muscles for an extended length of time. So, if the damage has ALREADY been done, something is needed to repair it. Similar to an internal band-aid. Plus, none of these stress medicines are patented,
nor is ever likely they could be!

Neu-beCALM'd is patented. Its formulation, which contains three Amino Acids, along with vitamins and other substances, took over 63 years in the creation, starting in 1928 by Dr. Hans Selye and successfully ending in 1991 by Albert Bieser. Its ingredients are put together in exact amounts and that is what causes the synergistic effect in the brain. As mentioned earlier, each ingredient, by itself, has a positive effect on an area in the brain. But, put together, using its precise formula, increases the effectiveness in the brain by 133 times. That figure has been scientifically mathematically calculated.

Most stress related products, because of ingredients used, can go from the lab to the supermarket shelf, in less than 6 months.

Neu-beCALM'd took years to create. Thousands of test have been made with it. It has been praised by scientists, chemists, doctors and patients. During the last 12 years, over 700 hospitals and clinics and drug and alcohol rehab centers have included it in treating thousands of patients.

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