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Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
NeuroGenesis is not responsible for my testimony.
This is my own Personal Testimony as it is: Adrian Mathews

Major Stress Problems

I think that most people feel stressed in their lives. I've had a few unusual events that have kept my stress level severely elevated for quite a few years. I had a brain tumor removed in 1976. It was still encapsulated, fortunately, but was large enough to crush the bone behind my right eye & caused considerable bone erosion.

In 1987 I moved my family from Fairbanks, AK to Champaign, IL to care for my mother who was paralyzed & without speech from a massive stroke. At that time, I had been a single parent for 2 years and had 3 children ages 3,5 & 8. My ex-husband never contributed child support or insurance. Supporting my family consisted of working full time at the U of I. Sewing full time in the evenings - I tried to sleep about every other night - wasn't always able to get it in but I tried.

After two years of this schedule I wound up on medication for sleep deprivation - the physical indicator was that my entire trapezoid muscle froze - extremely painful. In July of 1992 I woke up in the middle of the night with my face burning & I couldn't see. It was an allergic reaction to chemicals used in the experimental fields at the University. My face blew up - I looked like elephant mans ugly sister - and lost about 8 layers of skin from the chemical burn. After the initial emergency treatment the doctors kept trying to withdraw the antihistamines but my face would immediate swell again. They were concerned that if infection got started it could travel to my brain through the passage created when the tumor crushed the protective bone behind my eye.

A CT scan was done & the lead doctor pointed out a spot & told me that it was either massive infection or another tumor. Lab tests showed no infection so he cut my head open the next day & a nightmare began. The spot was merely the plastic in my forehead that replaced the bone erosion from the tumor. All of that was in my records and it was an entirely unnecessary surgery. They contaminated the plastic. After that a series of horrible events - a major surgery for Mother - a welcome move back to N. Idaho (recommended by the doctors to get out of the "allergy zone". - Mothers death - local doctors here ignoring obvious symptoms until the infection caused by that unnecessary surgery blew a hole out of the side of my head & vertigo dropped me to my knees. Then I was told that I had less than two weeks to live without a surgery to remove a large portion of my skull & was given a less than 5% chance of surviving that surgery. Rather then being victimized by another doctor & did my research & went to Harborview in Seattle for a second opinion. Diagnosis was the same - prognosis different. They didn't indulge in dramatic percentages etc. - did the initial 17 hour surgery & saved my life. I spent the next 6 months in a bright blue helmet with a groshong catheter implanted in my chest for daily IV antibiotics. My 14 year old son administered the medications & did the cleaning between the weekly in home health care visits. He was recovering from a motorcycle accident (he was on the back) that resulted in 3 bulging discs. The next surgery to reconstruct the 1/4 of my skull that had been removed was done 6 mo. later with limited success. My forehead resembles the grand canyon.

The financial nightmares were incredible. No family for financial or emotional support. I couldn't get a work release for several months & because of that couldn't collect unemployment either. At any rate, I could write a book on creative poverty.

Would any of this depress you? I've struggled with depression and anxiety (including occasional panic attacks) for many years. I've done massive research on nutrition and sought every possible avenue for relief - including anti depressants.

The beCALM'd product has done more for me than everything else combined. I still fight some anxiety but it has lessened considerably. I can now look at my three beautiful children (you can imagine what they went through) now mostly grown - and - feel positive. They are all happy, productive people. This in itself is a major accomplishment considering the challenges we hurdled through their childhood's. Despite this wonderful, positive outcome my reaction - until beCALM'd - has been anxiety & fear that something will happen again to ruin everything that we have accomplished. I didn't choose to feel this way - I couldn't help it. Your product has improved the quality of all of our lives.

Jane Elmer 

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
NeuroGenesis is not responsible for my testimony.
This is my own Personal Testimony as it is: Adrian Mathews

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