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This is my own Personal Testimony as it is: Adrian Mathews

Put your Kid on Medication or he will be Removed from School

He was put on Ritalin because the local school district informed us that if we did not put him on medication he would be removed from school. In fact his first year in school was a nightmare from the start. Kindergarten is suppose to be fun, and enjoyable for the child, however, Christopher had the teacher from hell and she made his life miserable. He could do nothing right and at the end of the school year she was going to flunk him out of her class, if it were not for me doing a little threatening of my own. Christopher's teacher thought he was nothing but trouble, to hyperactive, too hard to manage and she wanted nothing to do with him. This was the start of our own nightmare and our introduction to Ritalin and ADD. For the next 8 years are little boy was on this medication because without it he would not be allowed to continue in our public school system. We tried every remedy known to mankind, different herbs, vitamins, liquid vitamins, you name it we tried it. Nothing worked and as the years progressed so did our frustration and the weekly confrontations with the local school. My wife volunteers at the school in the office area weekly, and she has told me of the hundreds of kids that are on Ritalin and other medication. They line up everyday to get their medication in order for them to stay in school and they attempt to do their work in a drug induced state.

About 12 months ago we were told to put Christopher on Adderall and that this medication would work better and would last longer. The side effects were the same, dehydration, loss of appetite, growth limitations and violent mood swings and the fact that no one knows what the long term affects on our children's health will be. We did as the Doctor advised and he has been on Adderall since. Anytime Christopher has a bad day in school, the teachers want to know if he took his medication for the day, you see, once a child is labeled ADD or hyperactive, it stays with them, and it its locked in the teachers minds, thus if the child has a problem, it must be that he/she did not take their medication. I am sure this goes on in public schools all over this country and parents like us have no choice or our choices are very limited. If you want your child to stay in school Ritalin or Adderall is their solution to any and all behavioral problems.

We have struggled with these medications because no one knows the long term affects that they will have on our children. Some children have even died due to long term dosage of Ritalin, but what is a parent to do. I would do anything to get my child off this medication and we have looked high and low for an answer. The answer did come to us recently with phone call. A friend of mine, Bryan Wirth informed me of a product that was developed for children diagnosed with Add/Adhd, the product, BeCalm'd and it is 100% natural. We were very skeptical at first, not sure what to make of it and really cautious not to get our hopes up to high.

We started off slowly, two pills in the morning, two in the afternoon and one at night. We slowly took Christopher off of Adderall, basically we weaned him off of it, just like you would do to a drug addict. After all these years my little boy was hooked, hooked on a prescribed drug that made him feel terrible but one he knew he had to take in order stay in school. We were very upfront with Christopher, we told him about this new product, BeCalm'd and what it could do for him. We told him that we really needed his help and we wanted him to let us know how he was feeling while on this product. Christopher had always told us he did not like the medication, Adderall or Ritalin because it made him feel weird. Not to mention the other children would tease him once they found out he was on medication.

From the very first day without Adderall, Christopher noticed a difference in how he felt. He said he felt good, and we noticed an amazing side effect of BeCalm'd, Christopher began eating more than he had ever eaten before and this started on his first day with BeCalm'd and his first day without Adderall. You see while Christopher was on Ritalin and Adderall, his daily diet was simple, a piece of toast for breakfast, no lunch, and a few bites of food for dinner, that was it. He was very much underweight (a common side effect), he is very short for his age (another side effect), his lips are constantly dry and chapped severely (another side effect), and he drinks constantly which is also a side effect due to dehydration. So we took are time and we take each day, one day at a time, and each day we see a remarkable improvement in our son's attitude and behavior. I will keep you updated as we progress forward with this remarkable product BeCalm'd.

My recommendation: Take your time and look through the website, absorb all the information, and try our product. The sooner you get your child off of Ritalin or Adderall the better. Please do not wait, the longer you wait the more harm you could be doing to your child. These ingredients are 100% natural, FOOD FOR THE BRAIN, you have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain!

If you do decide to try our product, DO NOT take your child off his/her medication right away. Go slow, Ritalin and Adderall are very powerful mind altering drugs, and if you take your child off medication right away you will see some very wild mood swings.

Bobby Brown

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
NeuroGenesis is not responsible for my testimony.
This is my own Personal Testimony as it is: Adrian Mathews

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