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Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
NeuroGenesis is not responsible for my testimony.
This is my own Personal Testimony as it is: Adrian Mathews

Sever ADHD at 2 1/2 years old

Ok, so what does normal really mean anyway? I'm not totally sure but, I did know that my son was nothing near normal.    

Imagine that you just found out after years of trying to conceive that someone wants to give up there baby and give it to you to adopt.  It sounds like a dream doesn't it. But now imagine that shortly after you bring home you little gift from God, That you start to notice that something is wrong.  That's were I will start my story.         

We could tell right away that our little precious darling boy was not at all like other babies.  He would not make eye contact, did not like to be held, did not sleep. He was stronger then any baby ever, turned over so early that even his doctor could not believe his eyes. by the time he was 6 months it was almost impossible to feed him because he would keep swinging his arms around and kicking his feet. throw himself backwards like he just did not want physical contact at all. He never learned to walk, he learned to run though!       

By age 2 1/2  He was hurting himself and us too he did not even have the attention to play with a toy. He would throw toys brake toys and jump on them, but never play with one. And looking at books, ha/ that was a joke . My son could tear up a steal ball in less then 5 seconds I'll bet. lol  

That's when I found a specialist over in the next state, that told me that my son had sever ADHD. He put him on drugs that very day and after trying a few different one we found one that did seem to give some relief, but also came with mood swings, anger, and aggressiveness far beyond anything I had seen before. But with out it we were back to square one. So the doctor put my son on even more drugs to fix problems that the others had created.     

By age 3- 1/2  he was on 4 different drugs and still not anywhere near normal.  

We were told  by 3 different medical people that his biological mom was more then likely using drugs during her pregnancy. Also ADHD ran in her family.  

We feared that our life's would be this living hell forever and we felt forced to keep our son drugged for his own good as well as that of our family. He Jumped off of the furniture all day long, he ran into things, He broke and destroyed everything he could get his hands on, he threw things at us or any anything just to brake it. He hit, he would just walk up to someone a dump a drink on them. He was down right mean ....Very few friends, and very little family would even visit anymore and I would just sit and cry sometimes..... How could I go on like this forever. I had no hope left.      

`That's when I found this site about becalmd. 

From the first dose our son changed. The results were remarkable. With in about 35 to 45 minutes of his first dose. It really worked...and now everyday he get better and better.      

We just ordered 3 more bottles.  I have now taken him off of almost all of the drugs he was on and he is a different child.   

Now I look at him and cry because I'm so happy that he can live a real life. I'm not saying that he never does anything wrong or that he will not ever do anything bad again because of course he will, but my son is correctable now, he's controllable now. He still gets time out and has to stand in the corner for dirty words that he hears from other kids but, I tell you, since starting becalmd he even looks different. He looks more alert, More going on behind those big blue eyes.     

Today my little guy turned 4 and everyone came to his party, friends, and family. They could not believe how good he was. 

I am finely getting to know the little boy that I adopted. He is very affectionate. He has this beautiful smile that he has been hiding all of this time. It's wonderful... 

If you are reading this and you think your child is so bad that no one else could ever have a child as hyper and down right mean as yours. Well your wrong, Mine was .. but they key word is WAS!  

I just mix prayers with becalmd everyday and it works.... There is hope out there ! Thank you God. Thank you Becalmd...

Sincerely,  Elizabeth S

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
NeuroGenesis is not responsible for my testimony.
This is my own Personal Testimony as it is: Adrian Mathews

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